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Vintage Sewing Notions
Sewing is one of the oldest of human endeavors. To accomplish this fundamental undertaking sewing notions, namely needles, thimbles and threads have been found to have been in continuous use since pre-history. Curious vintage and familiar modern sewing notions are established companions to sewing.

Sewing Sheer Fabrics
Sheer fabrics present a few challenges to the sewer as their perceived delicate and ethereal nature suggests, yet with just a few simple techniques the finished results can be amazing.

Decorative Machine Buttonholes
Buttonholes and their ever-present button companions often go unnoticed on the many garment types that use them for secure fastening. Functional, practical, simplicity itself, buttonholes are the understated mainstay of the sewing world.

Wearing Ease and Design Ease
The way clothes fit the body with consideration to comfort and freedom to move without undo restraint is the ease that is built into the construction of a garment. Design ease is a function of the overall style of the garment and usually has additional fabric amounts to supplement the wearing ease.

Sewing and Slow Fashion
The concept of slow fashion, or any other movement tagged as such, may seem like an already existing idea offered as new, yet it does have continued relevance in a world with expected future resources strained, the use of toxic products in manufacturing textiles and burgeoning landfill concerns.

Fabric Gift Tags
During this busy season of giving, it may be difficult to find the time to sew as December 25th draws near. A few fabric gift tags to lightly sew and embellish with a few sewing notions may take little time. All that is needed is some prior cutting of felt or fabric, minimal stitching and decorate!

Holiday Sewing Remembered
Though our busy hustle and bustle modern era seems to shorten the time to devote to handcrafted items for gift giving, stitching together simple materials for quick-to-make items helps to recapture the magic and quaint charm of holiday times remembered.

Retro Inspired Sewing
With a playful nod to the recent past, newly made women’s fashion that copy the style of the post-war era are referred to as retro while actual surviving garments are considered vintage. Sewing retro brings a light-hearted wistfulness to capture what past times were like.

Sewing Time Savers
Whether called sewing hacks or tips, sewing room secrets or shortcuts, the effect is always the same – sewers sharing a more productive, efficient way to sew. Of course, learning and trying new sewing techniques is really part of a long tradition of the sewing process.

Tips for Sewing Fabric Selvedges
Don’t throw fabric selvedges away! Put those narrow strips of fabric edges to good use instead. Selvedges or selvages (self-edges) are the long factory finished side edges of woven fabric generally less than a half-inch wide. Selvedge edges do not fray or unravel and can be used to make many items.

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